flip your sales filters

Flip your report filters for a fresh funnel view

Sales and demand leaders: Three words could mean all the difference in making your number this quarter. So what are the three words?

Flip. your. filters.

A chunk of your pipeline is in your CRM but invisible to you. I’m not talking about leads, or closed/lost revive. I’m talking about open opps.

You have dashboards and reports you use for all of your pipeline review meetings. And those reports have filters. You filter for stage, for new sales pipeline, for close date, for team, for territory, etc. Here are the opps you’re potentially missing:
1. Opps assigned to former team members
2. Expansion opps for former team members
3. Opps your reps have pushed out of the month or quarter so they don’t have to talk to you about them
4. Opps in a KITE (keep in touch email) or tickle file that could be pulled into the quarter
5. Opps sitting in between first meeting and pipeline qualification stage
6. Opps or accounts incorrectly assigned to owners outside the sales team (founders? other execs? ops? you?)
7. New sales opps accidentally categorized as renewal or expansion

I’m doing some consulting lately for demandgen and sales leaders in SaaS, and I see this every time. Even when the salesops team is doing their job (and they usually are), there are opps outside the view of the typical demand and sales leader reports.

So what should you do? Clone your report and delete your filters. Or flip them (opps not in this month, not owned by my team, not in pipeline stages, etc). You might see a whole new path to your number.

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