people chips

Get more out of Google people chips

If you have a Google Workspace account, you’ve probably used, or at least seen, Google people chips. These are one of the smart chips available in Google Workspace; pill-shaped grey tokens that represent a person, and can notify them of a task, suggestion, or comment. That’s the primary use case, but there are additional ways to get value out of people chips that you may not be aware of.

Get quick access to role and contact info

A people chip enables quick access to a person’s email address, and possibly their phone number, title, and calendar (if they are in your contacts or Workspace). This is handy for a number of use cases. For example, you might want to list stakeholders for a project, and enable access to contact them, without manually listing out all contact details in the project brief.

You can add a people chip by typing the ampersand “@” followed by their name. A list should populate and you can select them from the list.

Enable quick approval and notification process

A signature block for approval, from the Campaign Template

Our Campaign Template uses smart chips, including people chips and date chips, in an Approval Block at the end of relevant campaign phases. This makes it easy to track a campaign or project’s status, as well as who has approved it.

Validate external email addresses for free with people chips

Most use cases for people chips, like those above, are designed for people you already work with, who are in your contacts, inbox, or Google Workspace. But people chips also work to validate email addresses for anyone who has a Google account at that email address. That’s right.

This is a fantastic way to quickly find a one-off email address for someone you need to contact. You can also use it at scale to validate a list of email addresses, or to find the right variant for an email address by testing different combination of name and initial. Here is just one example of how to use people chips with a list in Google Sheets.

When people chips notify, and when they don’t

Adding a people chip will not notify the person that they have been added to a Google Sheet. If you want to notify them, you will need to share the doc with them, or use the people chip in a comment which will send a notification if they are in your workspace or have access to the document.

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