RevOps Isn’t Just Pushing Buttons

“Salesforce and Marketo, aren’t those just SaaS apps? Just pushing buttons? Why do they need observability tools?”

I was chatting with someone at an event who introduced himself as an investor in cloud infrastructure startups. He asked me for the elevator pitch on Stack Moxie and he was surprised that a revenue stack was complex enough to need testing and monitoring.

He was trying to push *my* buttons. And my response was trite: “aren’t DevOps engineers pushing buttons? Aren’t AWS and Github just SaaS apps? You can log in to a UI and push buttons to launch servers and update repositories.” He chuckled and we moved on to talk about the sad state of the Oakland sports scene.

But it got me thinking that lot of people do share his point of view. Marketing operations isn’t seen as a technical role. It’s just pushing buttons. If we were to do a study, my guess is that marketing ops spends about as much time in UI as does a typical DevOps engineer. And a similar amount of time wrestling with scripts and data logs and APIs in the revenue stack. We’re engineers and architects and system designers. But that’s not the outside narrative. How do we make the case? How do we get marketing and revops folks the respect they deserve for their technical chops?

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